[Cin] question about dvd.dvd profile

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 04:06:01 CET 2022

> May be we can add cin_bitrate=8000000 to it, so default will work better?
> (otherwise re-encoding for example dothack2.mpeg from samples.mplayerhq.hu
> without setting bitrate resulted in blocky encode)  --
The output from rendering using dvd as well as the output creating a dvd
disc is the same, as one would expect.
And on a video/audio file that is only about 1 minute long, there was no
perceivable difference in time it took so it certainly is acceptable to add
the mod.  I will do a bigger test tomorrow and checkout the samples as
provided above -- just rand out of time today.

Current:   ** rendered 1656 frames in 17.353 secs, 95.430 fps
test #2     ** rendered 1656 frames in 17.292 secs, 95.767 fps

With Mod ** rendered 1656 frames in 17.402 secs, 95.161 fps
test #2     ** rendered 1656 frames in 16.808 secs, 98.525 fps
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