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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 22:27:23 CET 2022

Andrew (off-topic from Subject line).

Maybe I can test that today AFTER I finish testing removal of libavdevice
>> from ffmpeg.  I am having trouble getting video to be captured because of
>> "bad file format" but got audio captured just fine.  I am fairly certain
>> that it can be removed, but I still want to make sure I can get the video
>> capture to work anyway -- it reacts the same before and after the
>> 0002-Remove libavdevice... patch is in.  So it is just that I do not know
>> what I am doing.
> are you capturing from tuner or webcam?
> some laptop webcams offer both mjpeg and yuvy (?) streams, so mjpeg one
> errors out (as I noticed in bugtracker) but yuy2 still works (if recording
> to ffmpeg-type video).
Thanks for the "webcam" hint -- by changing the Video Driver to JPEG Webcam
instead of Video4Linux2 JPEG, I am able to see the Video and hear the Audio
correctly.   But I have tried many, many combinations of FFmpeg, like mp4,
y4m, and yuv and always still get "bad file format".   Also, when trying
without ffmpeg using "MPEG stream" (had to force this) and JPEG Sequence,
and so on, still get bad file format.  Running out of ideas to test on the
laptop and do not want to boot the desktop where I saw it work a few years

In Preferences, Recording, if I just enable Audio, I can record to mp3 and
flac and it creates the Audio file which then plays back just fine.
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