[Cin] Mixer Align: for audio tracks only (and more issues)

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Thu Mar 24 12:47:20 CET 2022

What I would like to achieve;

I have recordings from Rode Wireless Go II wireless microphones. They do 
not align, so my first inspirational thought was;


- load the two wav files
- try to add them as mixer
- mixer align

That does *not* work, CinGG refuses to open mixers for audio only tracks. 
It does not really make sense.

Can you work around this issue? Sure, create a one pixel PNG, and remux the 
wav into an MKV and then CinGG opens it.

ffmpeg -loop 1 -y -i /tmp/rode.png -i REC00012.wav -shortest -acodec copy 

So then the second part. Since my actual problem was that some parts of an 
edited video contained horrible cracking, I wanted to cut the individual 
pieces of that track, align it with the master audio track to fix the audio 
without doing it by ear. This is the reverse approach of what is currently 
seems to be possible. To overcome the issues with clips, I have cut out 
clips using ffmpeg, and tried to align them. Lets say there is obviously 
"Match All" which creates a nice segmentation fault (attached). But even 
with manually specifying in the master track position, it dit not align for 
me, until I manually dragged it to the matching audio position.

I would like to take a short clip, and align this with the master track. 
This could increase workflow productivity, and would not require a single 
master track anymore. At this moment clips in Cinelerra cannot be used as a 

What I would like to learn; Is there currently a way to manually create a 
master track to overcome the issues with audio (and clips)?

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