[Cin] Mixer Align: for audio tracks only (and more issues)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 15:12:45 CET 2022

*Hoping Andrea or Igor would have an intelligent answer to this rather than
my unintelligent response.*

I have recordings from Rode Wireless Go II wireless microphones. They do
> not align, so my first inspirational thought was;
> <https://youtube.com/watch?v=rOMKP4Jgzw8>
> - load the two wav files
> - try to add them as mixer
> - mixer align
> That does *not* work, CinGG refuses to open mixers for audio only tracks.
> It does not really make sense.

*When the mixer code was written, we did not even think about doing audio.
It would be a nice enhancemen*t.

> Can you work around this issue? Sure, create a one pixel PNG, and remux
> the
> wav into an MKV and then CinGG opens it.
> ffmpeg -loop 1 -y -i /tmp/rode.png -i REC00012.wav -shortest -acodec copy
> /tmp/test1.mkv
> ...
> So then the second part. Since my actual problem was that some parts of an
> edited video contained horrible cracking, I wanted to cut the individual
> pieces of that track, align it with the master audio track to fix the
> audio
> without doing it by ear. This is the reverse approach of what is currently
> seems to be possible. To overcome the issues with clips, I have cut out
> clips using ffmpeg, and tried to align them. Lets say there is obviously
> "Match All" which creates a nice segmentation fault (attached).

*The dump keeps referring to "*
*futex_abstimed_wait_common.../lib64/libc.so.6" so I think that is the
problem but not sure what it even means.  Maybe Andrew has a hint.*

But even
> with manually specifying in the master track position, it dit not align
> for
> me, until I manually dragged it to the matching audio position.
> I would like to take a short clip, and align this with the master track.
> This could increase workflow productivity, and would not require a single
> master track anymore. At this moment clips in Cinelerra cannot be used as
> a
> Mixer.

> What I would like to learn; Is there currently a way to manually create a
> master track to overcome the issues with audio (and clips)?
> *When you say you did "Match All", were you referring to using the concept
in the manual at:*

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