[Cin] Mixer Align: for audio tracks only (and more issues)

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Mar 26 13:43:45 CET 2022

In add to the very good reply of Phyllis, and your (Stefan) trick with 
FFmpeg, my workflow is creating a Mixer Viewer by hand for your Audio only.

1. You create/open the Mixer Viewer with "Open Mixers" in Resources 
window for the Videos with Audio. It will create one Video track and two 
Video tracks for each Media (Video/Audio), and its Mixer Viewer.

2. Add a new Video track (Shift+T shortcut) and two Audio tracks (t 
shortcut) for your audio (Left+Right channels?) without video: you are 
adding an empty Video track because "Align Mixers" feature needed a 
Video track.
2.1 Move the Video track down until it is on the top of the two Audio 

3. Open/Create a Mixer Viewer from Menu-->Window-->Mixer Viewer (Shift+M).

4. Assign that Mixer Viewer (a white frame is shown when selected) to 
the one Video tracks (empty) and two Audio tracks, of the #2 point, 
pressing the arrow icons (Mixer) you find on the Patchbay on the left of 
the Main window. When assigned, you  must to see the 3 arrow (for 1video 
+ 2Audio) are pointing up.
Look at the "Cinelerra GG: Multi Cam editing (with Proxy)" 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49EExsRsjlY&t=206s to understand better 
what I am saying, please. In that Tutorial only a Video track is 
assigned to the Mixer Viewer. You have to assign also its own two Audio 

5. Now, you can use "Align Mixers" feature as usual.

Let me know if it is clear enough, Thanks!


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