[Cin] configure.ac update

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 02:35:19 CEST 2022

Not sure how far to go back but tested MatN's *configure.ac
<http://configure.ac> *on Ubuntu 16 and Debian 32-bit 9.1 (not old though)
with no issues
I could no longer boot Ubuntu 14 to test there.  So probably best to keep
updated and if necessary the older O/S will have to adjust instead.
*Checked into GIT: configure.ac <http://configure.ac>, bld_prepare.sh, and
bld_appimage.sh* from Mat's latest improvements.

date, and I should run autoupdate, which I did, and all was fine.
>> I checked then that updated configure.ac on Mint 19.2 (oldest distro I
>> have active) and it is fine there too.
> to be honest I am not sure if updated configure.ac will work on  system
> with older autotools? it seems mostly cosmetic issue user can fix manually,
> and it even works as-is (at least on termux, and it tend to be rolling
> distro...)
> I took the opportunity to fix another error: The m4 directory was not
>> used. This is used when "missing" scripts are installed.
>> So I suggest to update the Cinelerra-gg with this.
>> MatN
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