[Cin] blds/bld_prepare.sh update

mat mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Thu Mar 31 17:59:11 CEST 2022

That list seems to assume the Arch system has no GUI. I don't
think setting up Arch for a GUI should be done by Cinelerra.
If someone wants to build Cinelerra, it is resonable to required
it is done on a system with working GUI and video/sound. If was not
aware of this readme, else I would have documented the steps 
to get to a GUI system, but I installed not much. What I remember: xorg
xfce4 xfce4-goodies pavucontrol .

On that system, I am now testing what is really needed. So far the 
bld_prepare change is:
  pacman -Syu git gtk2 nasm yasm cmake fftw patchelf boost boost-libs

Cinelerra-gg built once with this, inclusive appimage, am now running a
control build from a pristine snapshot of the VM.

I did notice when I started bin/cin that there were some errors in the
terminal the first time, something about plugins. And I have not
examined if there are more warnings in the build log than on say,


On Thu, 2022-03-31 at 16:17 +0200, Andrea paz via Cin wrote:
> This is the definitive list for README.sh; I propose to replace it
> with the one in the repository. Many packages will already be
> installed on the system, but it's better to keep them all (in Arch
> the
> base systems vary depending on the configuration of the various
> users...).
> I don't know if you should put the list inside bld_prepare.sh because
> the process is not totally automatic. In Arch, first you have to do a
> system update (pacman -Syu); then the pacman with all the list;
> confirm the will to install the packages of the list (and if there is
> an error you exit the pacman command and you have to give it again
> after the correction) and finally make sure that the process is
> successful.
> alsa-lib alsa-utils aom cairo clinfo cmake ctags dav1d fftw flac
> freeglut gdb git glu graphite gtk2 harfbuzz inkscape inxi dvdauthor
> udftools jbigkit libavc1394 libdv libglvnd libiec61883 libjpeg-turbo
> libpulse libraw1394 libtheora libtiff libva libva-utils libvdpau
> libvorbis libvpx libxv libxml2 libwebp mesa-utils nasm numactl
> openexr
> opus pango perl-xml-libxml perl-xml-parser python ttf-dejavu
> vdpauinfo
> xorg-fonts-misc xorg-mkfontscale yasm
> I enclose the README.arch file modified by me.
> PS: I put a VM with EndeavourOS, but the build of CinGG fails causing
> the VM to crash.

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