[Cin] blds/bld_prepare.sh update

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 22:22:55 CEST 2022

Andrea / MatN:

About README.arch, now that my brain is working, is NOT a bld_prepare.sh
option.  It was mostly a "help" file for us here as we would be installing
Arch from scratch on different computers.  We started out with one of the
URL internet lookups on "basic, easy install of Arch".  Since it was so
basic, what is in README.arch was all of the things we needed to work on
building and testing CinGG on that distro.

So, unless there is another package that should be added for installation,
I would like to leave it as is.  We can add on to the bottom like we did in
June of 2020 when Mat provided notes for Manjaro and EndeavourOS.
Hopefully this is satisfactory ??

On Thu, Mar 31, 2022 at 8:17 AM Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>

> This is the definitive list for README.sh; I propose to replace it
> with the one in the repository. Many packages will already be
> installed on the system, but it's better to keep them all (in Arch the
> base systems vary depending on the configuration of the various
> users...).
> I don't know if you should put the list inside bld_prepare.sh because
> the process is not totally automatic. In Arch, first you have to do a
> system update (pacman -Syu); then the pacman with all the list;
> confirm the will to install the packages of the list (and if there is
> an error you exit the pacman command and you have to give it again
> after the correction) and finally make sure that the process is
> successful.
> alsa-lib alsa-utils aom cairo clinfo cmake ctags dav1d fftw flac
> freeglut gdb git glu graphite gtk2 harfbuzz inkscape inxi dvdauthor
> udftools jbigkit libavc1394 libdv libglvnd libiec61883 libjpeg-turbo
> libpulse libraw1394 libtheora libtiff libva libva-utils libvdpau
> libvorbis libvpx libxv libxml2 libwebp mesa-utils nasm numactl openexr
> opus pango perl-xml-libxml perl-xml-parser python ttf-dejavu vdpauinfo
> xorg-fonts-misc xorg-mkfontscale yasm
> I enclose the README.arch file modified by me.
> PS: I put a VM with EndeavourOS, but the build of CinGG fails causing
> the VM to crash.
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