[Cin] FFmpeg 5.1 latest version included in August release

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 20:33:01 CEST 2022


> I noticed that in .../bin/ffmpeg/plugin.opts (and also in
> .../ffmpeg/plugin.opts, of course) the "new in 5.0" and "new in 5.1"
> sections are missing.
"My bad" - I used the file you sent previously but put the new ones in
alphabetical order at the top.  I hope that is OK as I was using it to
verify the plugins.txt file and found it much easier.  And then left the
broken ones on the bottom so that maybe someday it will be possible for a
developer to make some code changes to get them working also.

Could you verify "expanders.txt" in the main cinelerra-5.1 directory
because I added to FF_Color_Correction, the new ffmpeg plugins of
F_grayworld, F_hsvhold, F_hsvkey.  To Artistic, I added F_pixelize and to
Test, I added F_blockdetect, F_blurdetect, F_colorchart, and
F_colorspectrum.  I will change anything you suggest or maybe none of them
should be added?
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