[Cin] The timelines move faster/slower when paste silence

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вс, 16 апр. 2023 г., 19:01 Stefan de Konink via Cin <
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> Again a "Stefan is editing and gets annoyed email". We have had this
> discussion before.
> Project setup 1080p, audio 48kHz.
>  video 1. video track 1080p25
>  audio 1. audio track from external recorder 96kHz.
>  audio 2/3. audio matching video 48kHz
> When I cut (x) at a certain point, and then do shift-space, my audio and
> video looses synchronisation.
> Video when it happens.
> <http://download.stefan.konink.de/cinelerra-bugs/paste-space.mkv>
> So can this be resolved? When I would enable Settings > Align cursor on
> frames I don't have this issue. I would say, if Cinerella causes these
> kind
> of out-of-sync behavior, should we even have enable option (by default)
> not
> to edit at frame level?

One user asked (on opennet.ru forums) if any Linux video editor can edit
(move) sound track down to millisecond accuracy. I said *may be* cingg can
do this, because such timeline format exist and can be enabled with this
option. Not sure why it aligns to samples for you by default ....

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