[Cin] OT: comments from youtube can be saved, too

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 13:14:50 CEST 2023

I stumbled upon video with 6K comments and opening them all one by one
was  too much work, so I looked if there was way to automate it

Apparently yes!

ytdlp_nest_comments.py -i file.info.json -o output.html

and json produced by yt-dlp --write-comments


after this you can search in there .... I also noticed cinelerra-gg
was typed-away as cinelerra-ng , Main complain apparently yes, lack of
easy "clip" like synchro on timeline, but then with more clip-like
timeline you usually need separate operation for "disconnecting"
audio from video if need arise? I can only guess a/v sync problems
were bigger back in analog capture days, so Broadcast2000/Cinelerra
were coded with track paradigm instead of clip paradigm.

This specific author comes under handle "Reluctant anarchist", not
sure how serious he is about it, but for me anarchism is about, well,
citizens who can do things without being bossed around, including
repairs, including on software tools.

But because everything is embedded in  "money rule" world of today
..it really very uphill battle, from both "ghost of the past" problems
like Windows dominance to very mindset of even nominally open-source
programmers caught in endless update cycle.

And even "unimportant video firmware issue" may lead  to such oopsies as



I mean, if video  firmware was open AND there were  outside developers
understanding how to mod it those bitstream errors probably can be
corrected on GPU side ..it all in _firmware_ exactly for greater
flexibility and bug-fixability!

But because h264 is patented It seems unlikely AMD will be able to
open this part of their driver, let alone train libre  software
engineers on how to mod it .... and there is no active
reverse-engineering project about this because .... video considered
niche and ppl just buy bigger/newer CPU usually (even I bought new
GF710 gpu because integrated Radeon3000 was hanging on object move in
Blender 3.3! too big shader!)

* - there was essay/opinion piece on osnews how Microsoft apparently
forced PC dealers/vendors back in 1990x to NOT install anything but
Windows. Today Microsoft developers work on mesa3d, but this
unfortunately doesn't change world context ...


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