[Cin] OT: comments from youtube can be saved, too

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Thu Aug 17 13:49:17 CEST 2023

>From editing almost weekly on CinGG for complex video's I can relate to the 
comment. But more recently I noticed that the preferred editing method 
using dailies (putting good stuff on a long linear timeline) is not how I 
work, and likely not how many people start to edit.

Technically I can related to the AV-sync stuff. It would be better if we 
could once group pairs of V+A tracks. And maybe even group, groups to 
facilitate multicam work. But one could also argue that the actual problem 
with CinGG is that it cannot do an operation on a grab selection, instead 
of operating on the all tracks being masked by the locks.

With respect to the synchronisation of tracks, it absolutely does not make 
sense that we cannot use audio tracks to synchronise with eath other, and 
it should always be A+V. Even for the professional use case where audio is 
recorded independently I guess CinGG only gives the timecode option, but 
not the ability to sync between tracks, that virtually every other solution 
supports these days. Even the option 'restore AV-sync between the same 
file' (as in: give me the original alignment) is not available. Makes it 
tedious to restore an error.


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