[Cin] OT: comments from youtube can be saved, too

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Thu Aug 17 14:13:46 CEST 2023

On Thu, Aug 17, 2023 at 2:59 PM Stefan de Konink via Cin
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> On Thursday, August 17, 2023 1:57:02 PM CEST, Andrea paz wrote:
> > @Stefan de Konink
> > Some time ago a professional (from whose request the sync via timecode
> > was derived) said that if CinGG could synchronize all audio/video
> > files (not in the timeline, but in Resources window) with an external
> > audio and then delete the embedded audio leaving only the external
> > audio, CinGG could be used in the professional field.
> Yes, it makes sense to do it directly in the resources. Or maybe in
> something like a more advanced 'view' window.

question is (at least 1st question for  me) - but how exactly its
done? Either by embedded audio timecode or some ...beat comparing and
calculating offsets?

Adam posted some vid on use audio offsets in Cin-HV:


But he is (thankfully) is person with diverse interests (up to
glxgears on c64?!) so I understand why he not frequent our corner
(als, USA kinda brutal wrt healthcare and other costs of living ....)

Unfortunately other co-autors of Cinelerra moved into something else
... Einar for example not updated his for (CVE) since May? I hope  he
just taking summer break ...

Anyway, as c-kiddie I understand frustration with somewhat cryptic and
outdated codebase. I understand ppl unlikely to be amazed on first
sight, or even on second. So finding someone who can work  here is not
trivial, especially since we apparently cut from those big European
libre events like those meetings Krita, Blender and GIMP devs use for
face-to-face discussing ...

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