[Cin] CinGG 20230830 git code failure

Mat mnieuw at zap.a2000.nl
Thu Aug 31 13:39:32 CEST 2023


Pulled down git updates about 09 UTC today.
Built from scratch on Debian 11, 32 bit, Mint21.2 64 bit, and Fedora 38
64 bit, all on real hardware (not in VM).

- Debian builds fine, CinGG itself, manual, appimagetool, and the
  appimage itself. But any mesage box (e.g. starting .bcast dir
removed) freezes CinGG, you have to kill it from the terminal. The
error looks like
  	dbg_add, dup 00000000ffffffff 11BC_Repeater 12BC_Clipboard
If I avoid a message box, simply load a video as project, sound doesn't work,
neither with PulseAudio (mmap error) or Alsa (protocol error) as
device. Other applications work with Pulseaudio or Alsa (e.g. Audacity
uses Alsa). The video doesn´t play at all.

- Mint 21.2 Apart from the python problem builds and works fine for
  simple load-and-play HD video, did not try other actions.
  Have not tried building AppImage tool yet.

- Fedora 38, builds CinGG proper fine, simple test is OK, although
  there is a load ffmpeg error saying the there is no hardware
  acceleration (vainfo and clinfo both show there is). Manual builds
  fine too. But the AppImage tool doesn't build, error about too many
  parameters somewhere.

I try to see what's wrong with the AppImage tool on Fedora, time


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