[Cin] Again on plugins in floating point (HDR)

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 21:59:42 CET 2023

Thanks Andrew; you and I have already talked about this at length, I
hope there is someone knowledgeable enough to go through the Histogram
Bezier code to find out how to overcome the "0 - 1.0" range. Another
important (but probably even more complex) thing would be to be able
to get your patches to work for the X11-OpenGL driver as well, which I
think is the most widely used.

Speaking of patches, can I ask you the favor of creating a patch that
encapsulates the changes to histogram.C and color3way.C? A patch to be
installed with "git am ..." (with a .patch extension). I am doing a
lot of builds and it is tedious for me to edit the code manually.

Finally, a consideration. Without your patches the RGBA-FLOAT color
model is almost useless with plugins because it allows unclipped
calculations only for Gamma and Blue Banana. With your patches almost
all plugins work in floating point (even Videoscope, without the
"smooth" option); only HistEQ and Histogram Bezier remain excluded. So
I think your patches are an important addition to CinGG. Do you think
it's better to try to make an appimage with your patches so that
others can test them, or can we put them directly into git, since I've
done a lot of testing by now without the slightest problem?

Phyllis, what do you think? IgorBeg, Terje, Pierre and everyone else;
what do you think?

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