[Cin] News and enhancements with CinGG/FFmpeg 6.1 ?

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 9 19:09:48 CET 2023

>> Re: 5, only "NVIDIA NVENC AV1 encoding support" seems to be mentioned.
Terje, my understanding is that only the Nvidia NVENC AV1 support is NEW;
we already had h264 and h265 nvenc capability (and render formats).

>> What about Intel (Arc) AV1 QSV and AMD AMF encoders in FFmpeg?
> AMF seems to require some additional (may be even
> closed-source/proprietary) components from amdgpu-pro ?
> Thanks, Andrew, I was not able to find downloadable examples of either QSV
or AMF files to test AND more importantly, I could not figure out the muxer
in libavformat to create default format render files for either one.  Thus,
not too sure about the CinGG compatibility at this time.
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