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This has been checked into GIT just now.  Thank you.

On Fri, Dec 15, 2023 at 3:27 AM Andrea paz via Cin <
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> I open a new thread on av1_vaapi because the other one is only about
> Intel drivers.
> I put the results of my system ffmpeg and CinGG's internal ffmpeg.
> $ ffmpeg -encoders | grep av1
>  V....D libaom-av1           libaom AV1 (codec av1)
>  V....D librav1e             librav1e AV1 (codec av1)
>  V..... libsvtav1            SVT-AV1(Scalable Video Technology for
> AV1) encoder (codec av1)
>  V....D av1_nvenc            NVIDIA NVENC av1 encoder (codec av1)
>  V..... av1_qsv              AV1 (Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration)
> (codec av1)
>  V....D av1_amf              AMD AMF AV1 encoder (codec av1)
>  V....D av1_vaapi            AV1 (VAAPI) (codec av1)
>  A....D wmav1                Windows Media Audio 1
> $ /home/paz/cinelerra5/cinelerra-5.1/thirdparty/ffmpeg-6.1/ffmpeg
> -encoders | grep av1
>  V....D libaom-av1           libaom AV1 (codec av1)
>  V....D av1_vaapi            AV1 (VAAPI) (codec av1)
>  A....D wmav1                Windows Media Audio 1
> On my system libva is at version 2.20.0; I don't know how to see the
> version of libva used internally by CinGG (if any).
> I guess, as Andrew says, internal libva is out of date, or use the
> system one directly.
> Important missing, besides the Intel ones, is av1_nvenc. I don't know
> if it depends on my system which is AMD and therefore doesn't have
> Cuda, or you have to manually enable the library. I see that Phyllis'
> system has only two libraries for av1 and all the others are missing.
> I additionally have only av1_vaapi. @Terje, you also use a rolling,
> can you see the encoders of CinGG's internal ffmpeg and the system
> libva version?
> I am attaching a new version of the preset for av1_vaapi, but there
> are many conditions for it to work: you have to install CinGG
> (appimage is no good, unless you know how to open and recreate it);
> new generation GPU (Nvidia 4000; AMD Radeon 7000; Intel Xe 2 or Intel
> Arc); system with updated libva (possibly Rolling...). If anyone meets
> the requirements, I would like to know if the preset works or what
> errors it gives. I used average options between quality and speed but
> could not test them because I lack the right hardware.
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