[Cin] python3.12 venv

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 02:28:08 CET 2023

> are you sure you do not have /usr/bin/python3.12 or something ? Easy top
> links all talk about Ubuntu/Debian, some suggest to use
> update-alternatives, some warning AGAINST its use in python case especially
> ...
Well, I did not actually look in /usr/bin and I already shut down that
laptop so will boot tomorrow and look in that directory.  I think there is
just something I do not understand going on.

> However, Fedora 39 is now available and it has python 3.12 as default.
>> Since this is an experimental partition, I will attempt this tomorrow when
>> my brain is in better shape.
> Sleep well, walk out and back with your dog :) who I hope is ok.
Buddy is OK and I am trying to teach him to go inside his new outdoor dog
house.  So when it is cold and/or snowy he will actually go inside it when
he refuses to stay in the house because the smoke detector battery is low
and is chirping (which always happens around 2 AM).
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