[Cin] For next month: more build BSD fixes!

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 00:31:54 CET 2023

> I think openexr upgrade was held back mostly by un-buildability on old
> distros with old gcc/cmake?
> I think I even overcomplicated this part because there was
> IMMATH_HEADERS=$(pkg-config --cflags Imath 2>/dev/null) variable above
> this, basically unused.
That is true that 3.1.4 would not build on the older distros BUT what I was
trying to do was build without openexr and Imath on the older distros and
it would not take "no" for an answer.  I tried "--without openexr",
"--without Imath", and no matter what I tried, it would just keep trying to
build Imath anyway.
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