[Cin] adv7181d (video decoder chip)

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 14:41:31 CET 2023

May be I read it wrong but table 10 suggest it can even output 20 bit (!!!)
yuv for no reason ?? (input ADC only 10 bit)

Note, very early version without any letter at the end seems to say "9 bit
ADC". Also, some versions may support "16 bit port" or "8 bit port"
depending on exact packaging!


Four 10-bit ADCs sampling up to 75 MHz
10 analog input channels
SCART fast blank
support Internal antialiasing filters

The ADV7181D is a high quality, single-chip, multiformat video decoder and
graphics digitizer. This multiformat decoder supports the conversion of
PAL, NTSC, and SECAM standards in the form of composite or S-Video into a
digital ITU-R BT.656 format.

At least 10 bit yuv 4:2:2 seems to be real at chip level

"10-Bit SDR  ITU-R BT.656"

I have no idea if there even way to store 20bit per component yuv ....

But board for it will be definitely not beginner's project:


slightly different board but high-speed challenges outlined ...

Apparently some of those chips (same family) were used in some Blackmagick
devices but not necessary in best for vhs config?



And I just received a reply from the Australian BlackMagic Design
distributor, confirming that their Intensity Pro card uses the ADV7180.
Though they tell me it doesn't handle timebase errors well, and they
recommend an external TBC! That's disappointing! Sounds like it's been
configured for very stable professional equipment.
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*note, 10 years later we have some software to try ... I successed in
compiling vhs-decode branch of ld-decode, at least mains script do not err
out on my Slackware, so ..... :-)*
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