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Subject: Re: [simoninns/DomesdayDuplicator] [not really issue] ADV7181D
(Issue #143)
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@Randrianasulu <https://github.com/Randrianasulu> I should probably guide
you to the community discord <https://discord.gg/tRFYK5NNnE> at this point
as that's where all the projects devs and testers for capture/decoding and
a lot of people from various A/V fields are in there.

But I will also note here the ADV8472
is pretty much the end of the analogue all-in-one processing IC's if you
give it enough ram for its TBC/Framestore its used in almost everything off
the shelf from Blackmagic's poorly regarded SDI units
<https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/miniconverters> to Magewells top
end PCIe desktop AIO <https://www.magewell.com/products/pro-capture-aio>
and USB 3.0 AIO <https://www.magewell.com/products/usb-capture-aio> based
units use the same chip and Xilinx Spartan 7 FPGAs.

Ware as Quadregia uses ADC's then FFPGAs for real-time but this is only for
the Betacam formats as far as I know they just use the ADV stuff for VHS

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