[Cin] patches 09 feb 2022

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 02:21:52 CET 2023

вс, 12 февр. 2023 г., 04:17 Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>:

>>> Tested with no result with auto all fits on Fedora 32 only and planning
>>> on testing next on Fedora 37:
>>>    0010-TMP-add-flto-to-cinelerra-Makefile.patch
>>> How do I test this?:
>>>    0011-EXPERIMENTAL-try-to-init-two-variables-to-0-in-gloat.patch
>> well, in theory (I hoped) 0010 should trigger crash on "auto fit autos"
>> and 0011 should fix it. But because it does not crash for me on termux and
>> I not tested it on desktop Slackware yet ... whole thing might be moving in
>> wrong direction.
>> Thanks for the explanation.  I have booted Fedora 37 (because that is
> where it crashed for Jin) and built it using 0010 with the added flto
> flag.  It still does not crash.    I no longer have Fedora 36 available and
> am not planning on getting it back.  Without being able to reproduce the
> crash, it really is practically impossible to fix.  I suspect you already
> looked at their reported compilation flags, but I will try some of their
> more weird ones if I can figure out how (like -Werror=format-security)
> which must be like how you added -flto.  Stay tuned.

May be you need flto added also to guicast Makefile because we link it in
statically ...

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