[Cin] OpenCL again

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 14:30:38 CET 2023

Done more testing, but I can't get CinGG to see opencl.

I installed opencl-headers. With thirdparty the compilation still
fails. With -without-thirdparty and -without-libdpx the compilation is
without problems. I had to use export FFMPEG_EXTRA_CFG="
--enable-opencl" again because simple -enable-opencl in ./configure is
not seen. I tried putting two plugins (tonemap_opencl and
boxblur_opencl) in plugin.opts and they are loaded and visible among
the ffmpeg plugins. If we apply them in timeline they can be opened
and changed options, but they don't work. I get these kinds of

PluginFVClient::activate() F_tonemap_opencl
  err: Function not implemented
PluginFVClient::process_buffer() F_tonemap_opencl
  err: Operation not permitted

I tried putting "init_hw_device opencl=gpu and filter_hw_device gpu"
inside "ffmpeg.opts", but using them in timeline leads to a freeze.
When I do a kill, I get the following messages:

signal_entry: got SIGTERM my pid=12977 execution table size=0:
signal_entry: lock table size=19
    0x564f8d6ef860 VIconThread::draw_lock, VIconThread::run 0 0x7f89a4dfe6c0
    0x564f8dec5220 CWindowTool::input_lock, CWindowTool::run 0x7f8989ffb6c0
    0x564f8df03a50 BC_DialogThread::active_lock, BC_DialogThread::run
0x7f8988ff96c0 *
    0x7f897c2c24d0 PlaybackEngine::output_lock, PlaybackEngine::run
    0x564f8e2fdc90 RecordSetChannel::change_channel, (null) 0x7f8964ff96c0
    0x564f8e42b260 ChannelInfo::scan_lock, (null) 0x7f894ffff6c0
    0x564f8e42b7d0 SWindow::swin_lock, (null) 0x7f894f7fe6c0
    0x564f8e479a40 MainIndexes::input_lock, MainIndexes::run 1 0x7f893bfff6c0
    0x564f8df2d070 ResourceThreadBase::draw_lock,
ResourceThreadBase::run 0x7f896e7fc6c0
    0x564f8defc350 PlaybackEngine::renderengine_lock,
PlaybackEngine::stop_playback 0x7f89c2e630c0 *
    0x7f89a0022c70 RenderEngine::render_active,
RenderEngine::wait_done 0x7f89c2e630c0 0x7f89a7fff6c0
    0x564f8defc350 PlaybackEngine::renderengine_lock,
PlaybackEngine::interrupt_playback 0x7f89897fa6c0 0x7f89c2e630c0
    0x7f891c0042f0 BC_SynchronousCommand::command_done,
BC_Synchronous::send_command 0x7f89b64bd6c0
    0x564f8df421d0 ResourceThreadBase::draw_lock,
ResourceThreadBase::run 0x7f896dffb6c0
    0x564f8e42e100 BC_Repeater::repeat_lock, BC_Repeater::run 0x7f894effd6c0
    0x7f897c002cd0 BC_WindowBase::event_condition,
BC_WindowBase::get_event 0x7f8988ff96c0
    0x564f8df29020 BC_WindowBase::event_condition,
BC_WindowBase::get_event 0x7f89667fc6c0
lock_items: 17
lock_frees: 2
SigHandler::signal_handler total files=0

I link the cin5.log of the failed compile with "thirdparty" if you are


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