[Cin] Working on adding GPL license attribution for all program files

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 20:29:49 CET 2023

As Andrew pointed out: "GPL license states each file should have
attribution ...." so I checked into GIT the addition of missing GPL
information for the *guicast subdirectory *and am working on the cinelerra
subdirectory and eventually plugins subdirectory.  Some notes:

1) When header missing, first checked to see if file exists in Cinelerra
HV-8 or CV.  If files existed there but no header, used header in like
files.  For example, bccmodels.inc in HV-8 had no header but bccmodels.C
did, so used the same one.
2) Files, like bootstrap.c, that exist in HV and have no header, I left
unchanged because I have no idea where this file came from and it has an
extension of lower case "c" instead of upper case "C".
3) Any file in Cinelerra-HV that did not have the Copyright/Name/Year, I
did not change in CinGG, so that it would match.

If Andrew has time to verify and thinks something should have been done
differently, please let me know.
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