[Cin] fileffmpeg.C history digging

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 03:20:05 CET 2023

So, it seems file was already present in CinHV 4.0 from around aug 2008


same file present in 4.1

So I guess Monty only noticed it in 4.1 because 4.0 was  "hiding" in
081108 folder.

this specific archive does not show exact date, but I guess 12 years
ago will give us 2010 or so



date is

[CinCV] FFMPEG-based file reader for cinelerra [link to patch]

Monty Montgomery Tue, 13 Jul 2010 02:00:23 -0700

sooo ... I think correct author lines will be
1) Adam's (c) 2008
2) Monty's (c) 2010
3) Paolo Rampino (2012-2014)
4) W.P.Morrow (2015-2020)

3) based on https://github.com/cinelerra-cv-team/cincv-exp-akirad-paolo/commits/master/cinelerra/ffmpeg.C

4) based on
"Good1.2Guy 2015-02-20 11:21:11 -0700 bf3a568a7ce3 CV file codec mods
+ a few fixes

bootstrap.c seems to be part of CinCV build system since initial commit in 2003:

Because fileffmpeg.c/ffmpeg.C history is very convolved may be we
should put 'evidence' links in header too? (because current CinHV
fileffmpeg says 2016-2022 by Adam, I guess it was rewrite of 2008 code

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