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On Sat, Jan 7, 2023 at 5:48 AM Andrew Randrianasulu
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> сб, 7 янв. 2023 г., 03:02 Phyllis Smith <phylsmith2017 at gmail.com>:
>>> I mean LGPL is Library GPL a bit differently type of license from just GPL .
>> Andrew:
>> Fixed and checked into GIT the corrections.  I had just grabbed one GPL header and did not read it.  So now "library" replaced by "program" and "Lesser" now gone.  (I should be more careful).
>>> Well, I think in general template message is correct, just we need pay attention when more than one author worked on it. You can look into ffmpeg's sources for some examples. Dates for (c) usually not exact, but at least year or range of years provided.
>> Also, corrected the dates as best as I could.
>> Next I want to add the "Contributors CV" line but I have not yet found the "merge" tar of around March 21, 2016 where CV, HV, and 5.0 were merged that was made for Beta testing of 5.1 and submitted (AND REJECTED) to Cinelerra-CV.  But I have not looked very hard yet other than in the email here.  I need this in order to determine the exact files that were used from CV.
>> Question? did you come up with a good date for CV contributors?  Or should I use 2007-2016?
> Cinelerra CV was active as project since early 2003 (cinelerra 1.1.* days!) first in cvs, then in svn, then in git.
> Try to download full history via git clone
> https://github.com/cinelerra-cv-team/cinelerra-cv
> git log in it, and then press "end" on keyboard.
> you will see lines like r2, r9, r11 - those are ancient CVS revisions.
> Now, one can wonder how much of this work survived into 2016? Files were merged with HV (and sometimes back) but for example autoconf-based build system was developed there and quite distinct from script HV uses. So, _as a team_ I think their contributions still alive even if it be quite hard to find exact lines from that time in current code. Yet, translations were merged there, manual in 2007 too.
> I wonder if manual a bit distinct and in our case heavy for referring from source code tree? I mean, files like AUTHORS put in root of source tree exactly because they more likely to read this way.
> Originally (if you check r2 by copying its git hash as argument  to 'git checkout -b r2 hash') you will see AUTHORS was empty and was  filled up lately
> commit 19c569148c0c2742a9dabb42ee281bf498eee291
> Author: Johannes Sixt <johannes.sixt at telecom.at>
> Date:   Tue Jan 23 21:34:33 2007 +0000
>     r985: Fill in the AUTHORS file with useful information.
>     This file is used by a svn to git converter; hence, it must have this particular syntax, which maps svn committer logins to names and emails.
>     On the other hand, since this file lists only the svn logins, it is by no means a complete list of authors. Many people have contributed, but are not mentioned here. If you think you deserve attribution in this list, it will be no problem to add your name, too (with some fake login name).
> =====
> I think we do not plan to downgrade to SVN so our file might be simpler in organization. Just authors, contact. (contact is email or website)
> please also try to git log in unpacked google code archive, it provides some info on merges before attempted beta release ( I'll look up email archive at date you found)

There is link to email archived posting


====== original message ====

Cinelerra 5.0 now is BETA “Cinelerra 5.1” with these changes:

Merged in Operators and Methods from Adam's HV version      AND
Merged in User Interface Characteristics from CV      WHERE POSSIBLE.

Tarballs are in directory Danny set up -including a ubuntu 32-bit version:
(at this time, not sure if it is beneficial to clear out .bcast5 first)

Attempted to make the behavior of 5.1 as close to what is expected in the
stable CV version, but sometimes there were conflicts and a decision had to
be made to go the way CV code went or the way the HV code went.  It can be
changed if an incorrect decision was made.

Partial listing of which  CV/HV characteristics are now in and operational:

Apply Masks before plugins
Last Play position memory (new feature)
Free movement of fragments
Now there is 4 Selectable  Keyframes on curve types (superset CV&HV)
Label Anchor support
Lock labels from moving
Free Drag of Plugins (new feature)
Zoom Bar enhancements
Label Folder support
Asset Interlace support code (not sure how to test though)
Label Info Edit support
XML tag closer present
A toggle full selection Off as well as On (new feature)
Manual GoTo support
Reel Number / Timecode Support
Auto interpolation methods are now superset of CV and HV
Export EDL support
Fade-to-black via the fade histogram (render follows the compositor)
Images can be extended by dragging each edge of clip (with default duration)
Length of a transition is now displayed visually on the track.
Curve zoom can be set independently for different automation ranges
Allow for manually setting the min/max levels via typing for curve zoom
Shortcut to move tracks down and up via shift+down or shift+up
Dragging an effect “onto” a clip now shows the clip existing on the track
for the length of that clip (was for length of entire track previously)
Ability to choose to render the whole project, selected area or in/out
points (was render from the current cursor point)

Also, many bug fixes and code improvements that have gone into the Stable
CV version over many years, from many great developers are now in.  And
found some new problems that got fixed.

Tested what I knew how to but NEEDS MORE TESTING because it sure helps to
have multiple people and real users who know how to take advantage of all
of the modifications that the Stable CV version has in it.

=== end of quotation ===

it seems archive.org never archived this directory

but there is pdf  attachment I can open directly in Firefox 102 ESR

5.0/5.1 – A Brief History of Time(line) / GoodGuy perspective
Explanation of how the name/version ended up as Cin 5.0 and now being
referred to as Cinelerra 5.1:

Good Guy first found the Cinelerra program several years ago when he
needed software to make a copy of a DVD that was purchased for his
own viewing that was going bad. He then discovered that it could be
used to record TV for later viewing. He enhanced Cinelerra for both
of these purposes being very careful to preserve the original Adam
Williams' integrity so that a mod could be stitched back into Adam's
version if desired. Originally it was referred to as Cinelerra 4.6-
mod since 4.6 was the current version on the Heroine Virtual website.
He continued fixing bugs as they were discovered and making mods for
his own usage for a few years. During this time he added more
features to TV watching and recording with great emphasis on deleting
commercials so he wouldn't have to watch them or even press the mute
button. Obnoxious, proliferate medical drug ads were being played
over and over again so he added his “novel architecture” shared
memory database, a Traveling Data Base (TDB). With TDB you have
direct access to the shared database presence (instead of having to
go to the server).

The TDB was used to contain the commercials so that the next time
watching TV when a matching ad came up, it would automatically be
visually and audibly muted. However, after awhile it became apparent
that it would take multiple people putting entries into the database
to keep it up to date as the commercials, although monotonously being
rerun, would vary a little so it no longer matched one already in the
database. (If you want to become “insanely rich”, people would pay
you to either remove the commercial while watching live or would pay
you to not remove the commercials$$)

Sometime in 2015 while looking around the web, he was surprised to
see what looked like the removal of Adam Williams' name from the list
of names of developers. Thus, he assumed Adam was no longer going to
be working on Cinelerra. For the second time, he contacted Adam in
hopes of getting the 4.6-mod set into Adam's base, but was informed
via email that he considered these mods to be “just another branch”
as quoted from an email:
From: Adam williams broadcast at earthling.net
“There have been hundreds of refactorings; thousands of patches
submitted over the last 20 years. Most of them don't get in my branch
because they're never finished, don't work, or I don't have any use
for them personally. It's a good idea to maintain your own branch. “
Also, at about this time the CV website seemed to be in a little bit
of a lull. That is why Good Guy started freely working on the
cinelerra.org site (rather than the CV site) with no longer being
concerned about retaining the look and feel of the original code
since his mods would never be stitched into the actual Cinelerra

4.6-mod was later re-versioned to 5.0 because so much had changed
with inclusion of the latest ffmpeg software which allowed for full
frame 4K editing and replacement of the badly performing quicktime
code. Also, the icons had been changed, blu-ray added, lots of bug
fixes, and very many improvements such as vicons,TV
recording/editing, and TDB. Again, this version number was picked
assuming that Adam was no longer doing development or making any
major changes that would warrant a renumbering.

After about a year, it was becoming increasingly difficult to work
with the cinelerra.org site so had to look for another option. Upon
joining the Community Version CV cinelerra-cv.org site, it was Good
Guy's intention to merge in all of the great CV versions' features
and eventually get to a more stable version. That is what I have now
had time to complete. There is still hope that eventually everyone
can get together for a common goal

I think last line still relevant and we better not to allow past
drama distract us from reaching such goal.


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