[Cin] Working on adding GPL license attribution for all program files

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 00:40:29 CET 2023

Checked into GIT the first set of 50 files with additional GPL copyright
message for CV-Contributors 2003-2016.  It is taking longer than I expected
but I want to get it as correct as possible - probably another 150 to go.

> Now, one can wonder how much of this work survived into 2016? Files were
> merged with HV (and sometimes back) but for example autoconf-based build
> system was developed there and quite distinct from script HV uses. So, _as
> a team_ *I think their contributions still alive even if it be quite hard
> to find exact lines from that time in current code. *

Yes, their contributions are still alive and if I had to guess, at least
95%+ are but I did find a few that were not. and probably missed a very
few.  By comparing "before" and "after" of the last Cinelerra 5.0 to the
first beta “Cinelerra 5.1” I was able to somewhat detect when CV changes
were added (as opposed to HV changes which already have a GPL attribution)
and these files are the ones that had the CV-Contributors attribute added.
I am being as thorough as I can be so as not to miss any but will never be
100% sure.   Many of the 1 or 2 line changes are "interlace" related or an
"include" file while some of the other one line changes are bug fixes --
these are the hardest to find and the most important to have.  And, of
course, the other most important changes are the new features added by the
CV contributors.

> ...
> > please also try to git log in unpacked google code archive, it provides
> some info on merges before attempted beta release ( I'll look up email
> archive at date you found)
> >
> There is link to email archived posting
> https://lists.cinelerra-cv.org/pipermail/cinelerra/2016q1/004236.html
> ====== original message ====
> Cinelerra 5.0 now is BETA “Cinelerra 5.1” with these changes:
> Merged in Operators and Methods from Adam's HV version      AND
> Merged in User Interface Characteristics from CV      WHERE POSSIBLE.
> ...
> Attempted to make the behavior of 5.1 as close to what is expected in the
> stable CV version, but sometimes there were conflicts and a decision had to
> be made to go the way CV code went or the way the HV code went.  It can be
> changed if an incorrect decision was made.
> *Partial listing of which  CV/HV characteristics are now in and
> operational:*
> Apply Masks before plugins
> Last Play position memory (new feature)
> Free movement of fragments
> Now there is 4 Selectable  Keyframes on curve types (superset CV&HV)
> Label Anchor support
> Lock labels from moving
> Free Drag of Plugins (new feature)
> Zoom Bar enhancements
> Label Folder support
> Asset Interlace support code (not sure how to test though)
> Label Info Edit support
> XML tag closer present
> A toggle full selection Off as well as On (new feature)
> Manual GoTo support
> Reel Number / Timecode Support
> Auto interpolation methods are now superset of CV and HV
> Export EDL support
> Fade-to-black via the fade histogram (render follows the compositor)
> Images can be extended by dragging each edge of clip (with default
> duration)
> Length of a transition is now displayed visually on the track.
> Curve zoom can be set independently for different automation ranges
> Allow for manually setting the min/max levels via typing for curve zoom
> Shortcut to move tracks down and up via shift+down or shift+up
> Dragging an effect “onto” a clip now shows the clip existing on the track
> for the length of that clip (was for length of entire track previously)
> Ability to choose to render the whole project, selected area or in/out
> points (was render from the current cursor point)
> *Also, many bug fixes and code improvements that have gone into the Stable
> CV version over many years, from many great developers are now in.  And
> found some new problems that got fixed.*
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