[Cin] Complete system hangs (likely out of memory)

Georgy Salnikov sge at nmr.nioch.nsc.ru
Mon Jan 23 04:14:30 CET 2023

On Sun, 22 Jan 2023, Rob Prowel via Cin wrote:

> > My input comes from a hacked Nikon D3200 giving me FullHD, 64Mbit in
> > h264. With only previewing these files I can already push towards the

Somewhen while trying to play videos taken by Nikon (D7100) I observed that
mplayer is extremely slow on them (it even complained that I have too slow
processor etc. and then seemed to hang) while some other players had no
problem with them. This appeared to be due to the occurence of some frames
with very special properties which mplayer tried to interpret but the other
players perhaps ignored them. I do not know video formats so deep and cannot
say which particular property it was.

The following option to mplayer overcame the problem, the videos were played
smoothly (and without any visual difference):

mplayer -lavdopts skiploopfilter=nonkey ...

To be able to use such source videos in Cinelerra I simply preprocessed them
with ffmpeg (recoding into x264 with default options) before loading into

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