[Cin] Complete system hangs (likely out of memory)

Rob Prowel rprowel at comcast.net
Sun Jan 22 20:11:15 CET 2023

On 1/22/23 13:14, Stefan de Konink wrote:
> It has nothing to do with rendering. This occurs when being in Resources 
>  > Media and start a few viewers to review my material and make some 
> clips out of them.

"start a few viewers"?

I believe that you're going to quickly eat up a lot of memory.  each 
viewer times the hugemoungous resolution and bitrate of your clips, and 
assuming that a portion/window of that content will need to be buffered 
"uncompressed" so that it can be viewed in real-time.

I think that if you pre-transcode your video (using ffemp) to a smaller 
size and lower bitrate then you won't see these problems.

Andrew can better answer whether multiple concurrent viewers of 
hi-res/hi-bitrate content will be memory hogs.  That's where I'd lay my 
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