[Cin] Workflow issues for multitrack editing

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sat Jan 28 19:56:32 CET 2023

When I am creating content I am typically using 2 or more camera's, each 
with indepedent recordings. Much of my time goes into the alignment of such 

Within Cinelerra single files have some scratch area using the viewer to 
set in and out points. Still the viewer does not show an audio waveform 
while editing. And certainly does not allows the alignment of two or 
multiple tracks.

When I am editing I would love to have something like a *multitrack* 
scratch space. The only way I am aware of that can achieve this is creating 
a second Cinerella instance working on its own EDL. This would allow me to 
edit some 'sub project' that can later be imported again.

When *reviewing* content, it is not obvious at all which files should be 
part of these subprojects in the first place. Sure there might be a 
specific section (or take) that would be on camera A and B, but camera C 
might have a continuous recording not falling in the category of take.

I wonder how people approach these subprojects with respect to workflow and 
 quality. Once you have set up a take, would you bring that take to the 
main project? Would you first render it? What are best practises for this?


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