[Cin] Problems with the forum

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 11:36:06 CET 2023

I can't reply to Jin's post on the forum. When loading the thread, the
hourglass appears with a Spanish writing ("Trabajando"); then when I
go into the thread page it seems that I am no longer logged in and so
it does not allow me to respond. Returning to the home page I find
myself still logged in. I think there is still the problem with the
translations plugin.

@Phyllis: I put my answer here for Jin if you want to post it for me.
There is also a note to change some names in Preferences -->

I too, like fary54, think that what you need is the Src Only (Slip) trim.
(@Phyllis: Perhaps there is confusion with the wording "Button 1-2-3."
Perhaps it is better to replace it with LMB; RMB and MMB which stands
for Left-Right-Middle Mouse Button)
@Jin: I am not familiar with Kdenlive, and in your video (gap.mp4) I
cannot interpret the havana color clip. The canvas, and therefore the
gap, is blue; the previous and subsequent clips are black; the havana
space is what? When you do trim on the edges of the two new black
clips resulting from the cut (scissor) the havana spaces at the edges
shrink. I don't understand what they represent...

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