[Cin] Rendering 57min of material takes over 12 hours

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Tue Jan 31 09:52:34 CET 2023

As you can understand there are many factors about rendering time: video 
format, type of decode, effects, cuts, type of encode, cpu performance. 
Unfortunately, We can not compare a Playback by VideoPlayer, (e.g. VLC, 
mplayer) and by NLE Timeline. And many Videoplayers use hardware 
decoding using graphic card .

Because I use an old Laptop (Charlie) I have to use Proxy for a smooth 
playback in the timeline. For a FullHD Format Project my Scale Factor 
for Proxy is 1/4 (Rescaled to Project size = unchecked).

Rendering are long but my Charlie works into the night when I go to 
sleep. ;-)


Yes, that is not the answer you wanted to hear,... sorry.

Il 30/01/2023 11:16, Stefan de Konink via Cin ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I am currently trying to render a feature which is 57min in duration. 
> I noticed that cinelerra in this project has an enormous problem 
> rendering two video's stacked on top of eachother. There is (as far as 
> I am aware of) no compositing intended, no projector movement, top 
> track should have priority over lower tracks.
> Even the compositing window is unable to achieve any smooth framerate 
> on these pieces, unless I disable either ones of the track. The 
> framerate achieved is less than 1 fps.
> Even when all plugins are disabled, it looks like there is some 
> composition in running. When I manually mute all sections where there 
> is a B-roll, performance is regained. Could someone try this with some 
> D3200 content stacked on top of eachother?
> If it would help I am happy to create some projects 'as bugs' for 
> QA-purposes.

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