[Cin] Rendering 57min of material takes over 12 hours

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 20:46:58 CET 2023


> > If it would help I am happy to create some projects 'as bugs'
> > for QA-purposes.
It is ALWAYS helpful to have video along with the series of steps to create
bugs to show the problem.  Programmers need this to see what the bug is and
then to ensure that it is fixed.  So far we have been able to reproduce the
bugs you have found so will not need a specific project yet.
P.S. You are GOOD AT FINDING PROBLEMS !! and that is very helpful so please
continue to report.

> The ultimate cause of the mentioned issue is the cache size (Preference >
> Performance > Cache size (MB)) being reduced to 1MB. When increasing it
> back to the default value of 256 the issue is mitigated.
I have always wondered if changing the Cache size makes any difference and
I think you have proven that it really does.

> But I do wonder: does this uncover a performance issue that should be
> documented? Would it really take a full second to compute the frame order?
Not sure if this is a performance issue, per se.  I just do not have the
expertise to say for sure.
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