[Cin] New release update

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 20:30:33 CET 2023

2023 first month new release now available.  Anyone who downloaded the
AppImage from December should definitely get this one instead due to the
memory leak issue which is now fixed.

*Release Notes from the PDF file are shown below:*
*GIT for Cinelerra-GG has the following changes from 01/01/2023-0131/2023*
Memory leak bug as discovered/reported by *Stefan *that was in December’s
AppImages has been fixed.
New video render format of h264_nvenc.qt was contributed by *Rob*.
A new shell command to easily delete background rendering files in the tmp
directory with the names
 of brender* has been added as suggested by *fary54*. Unless you start with
a new $HOME/.bcast5,
 you will not see it because it may conflict with your custom shell
scripts, but instructions of how to
 resolve this can be found in the Manual.

*Andrew R’s work includes:*
Minor build fix for libbthread-master Makefile for netbsd 12.3 amd64.
Fixed the NetBSD and bsd builds to make them error free. These fixes ensure
that there is no impact to
 the builds for Linux and termux.
Responsible for finding an ffmpeg 5.1 patch to speed up rendering by as
much as 47% on VP9 4K/8K
 raw videos on computers that have 64 cpu-s and 20-30% speed up if 32 cpu-s.

*Manual c*hanges and new sections:
The *Proxy section* in the Manual Advanced Editing chapter has been
completely reworked to correct
  errors, make it more readable, and much easier to follow.
Procedure to create *PiP *– Picture in a Picture has been documented in the
*Authors and Contributors* section is now in the Manual so that this
information is retained across time.
If you want your name included or excluded, let us know.
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