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> https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/vapoursynth-plugin-awsmfunc-git
> literally ...
> For that? For x265 HDR param calculations, of course! :)

There is another discussion on Magic Lantern forums, some users tried DVR
as way to generate x265's parameters, either static or dynamic, but on
their monitors dynamic hdr10+ was not really different ...



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Quote from: timbytheriver on April 21, 2022, 01:13:39 PM

Btw, did you ever get to actually see the effect of your HDR10+ metadata on
your display?  [image: :D]

I prepared 4 versions of the same clip, namely

   - *PQ10*, i.e. PQ transfer characteristics and BT.2020 color space (no
   metadata at all!)
   - *HDR10*, namely (1) + static HDR10 metadata (mastering display color
   primaries + min and max luminance + MaxCLL + MaxFALL)
   - *HDR10+ Profile A*, namely (2) + dynamic metadata consisting of
   luminance distribution parameters
   - *HDR10+ Profile B*, namely (3) + dynamic metadata consisting of Bezier
   curve parameters

The clip included some very bright scenes, some more balanced scenes, as
well as some very dark scenes with a few bright spots.

To assess the four versions of the clip, I photographed the TV screen from
a long distance in a dark room, of course taking Raw pictures and baking
them with exactly the same (somewhat neutral) settings in ACR.

The results:

   - version 1 is slightly darker in all cases (this somewhat surprised me
   as I expected on the contrary that no metadata could lead to oversaturated
   / clipped highlights)
   - versions 3 and 4 look apparently identical (no surprise), but they
   seem to roll highlights (as well as shadows) slightly differently from 2,
   in a non-trivial way (in most, but not all cases, increasing contrast

So yes, in the end I could find some differences with my TV -- but very
subtle, in many cases visible more by comparing the sample pictures
histogram rather than really perceivable with the naked eye.


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Still, I guess having those python functions cloned locally  might be good

Also, note they used hdr metadata output in DVR, this is reason why I
looked into mpv's incomplete (in this regard) HDR support ...

Also note they used hdr10+ capable TV so, even if you do not have monitor,
may be going to friend with BIIIG TV will help in some ways!

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