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ср, 31 мая 2023 г., 22:29 Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>:

> I don't think my Dell UP2716D has sRGB emulation.


this site tend to disagree? Difference in terminology?

The native colour gamut of the monitor (‘Standard’ – top image)
comprehensively covers both the sRGB and Adobe RGB colour spaces. There is
extension beyond the Adobe RGB colour space, even, particularly in the red
region of this representation. Note that the Adobe RGB colour space
actually coincides with sRGB in this ‘corner’ of this representation. The
‘Adobe RGB’ emulation mode cuts this down effectively so that it fully
covers the Adobe RGB colour space without much over-extension at all. The
‘sRGB’ emulation mode does this same with the sRGB colour space, with just
a smidge of under-coverage but nothing to write home about. The ‘REC709’
emulation mode is largely the same with a bit of extension beyond in
places, whilst ‘DCI-P3’ does an excellent job of emulating the ‘DCI-P3’
colour space (not shown in this diagram – but essentially coinciding with
the monitor’s gamut here)


But I guess each monitor (esp. as they age) will show slightly different
picture ...

More color articles:


so, pairing one of those sub-1000$ monitors with sub-1000$ HDR camera
like sony zv1 ( shots some HLG ang S-log variants ) might be interesting

Still not sure if your monitor can do HDR/HDR10+ ...

Strange find - Pgenerator
Test Pattern Generator  based on RPi4


uses patched mesa + drm kernel module for displaying said HDR ...



not really buildable on normal Rpi debian, from that I can see, sadly ...

I think it has 3
> ICCs set internally, namely sRGB; Rec709 and DCI-P3. To be precise I
> think it has 3 internal LUTs and not 3 ICCs. I use it with an ICC I
> created (1886, gamma 2.4) which works well in many programs (for
> example in mpv it is outstanding!). I also use it in CinGG unless I
> have to do color correction; in that case I switch to sRGB.
> My only 2 problems are:
> 1- Arch does not support 10-bit depth well.
> 2- CinGG does not support ICCs (or a CMS)..
> But they are not serious shortcomings...
> Andrew, I apologize but I will not try live with compicc and oneyros.
> Too much work to do and the kind I don't understand.
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