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this partially answers what application supposed to do?

At a technical level, this means there will be pictures coming to your
application with an ICC profile <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICC_profile>
that is not sRGB but some other wider color gamut: Display P3, Adobe RGB,
etc. For consumers, this means their photos will look more realistic.

I hope new ffmpeg 6+ plus lcms2 build will do it automagically?


 To render wide color gamut contents, besides the wide color contents, you
will also need to create a wide color gamut surfaces to render to. In
OpenGL for example, your application must first check the following

   - EXT_gl_colorspace_display_p3_passthrough
   - EXT_gl_colorspace_display_p3

And then, request the Display P3 as the color space when creating your


And about this part I am not sure if Mesa3d already implement them ....
Cingg definitely does not do egl on x11 so ....

For now wide-gamut display out of cingg as described there is impossible!

Sorry so far ....

PS: Krita was modded quite heavily due to HDR support:



Intel's Linux/wayland Proof of concept HDR rendering demo was posted in
late 2017:



  Uses ffmpeg to decode video into shm buffers, and sets the
  colorspace/ycbcr encoding etc. appropriately. Ie. this one can
  actually output HDR video


Of course in 6 years a lot of code was added/deleted, so I am not even sure
you can build provided mesa/wayland/weston branches today out of the box ...

вс, 4 июн. 2023 г., 01:52 Andrew Randrianasulu <randrianasulu at gmail.com>:

> сб, 3 июн. 2023 г., 23:28 Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>:
>> You are right: the manual talks about emulation for sRGB. More news
>> can be found here:
>> https://photographylife.com/how-to-calibrate-dell-wide-gamut-monitors
> Ah, THIS article definitely paints different, much darker picture about
> those monitors (from 2018 perspective). It clearly states you need GPU
> calibration for those to work nicely. I wonder if they mean something like
> xcalib work on loading gamma tables or also using actual 3d hardware for
> color correction?
> This is partially reason why I thought about full-screen external Color
> Management plugin - cingg may not have any real display-side color
> correction but if you just start external process before entering
> fullscreen and stop after (assuming single monitor setup) you will have
> your more accurate colors in fullscreen ( HDR dynamic metadata also
> apparently can be only send in fullscreen mode, even in Windows!).
> So, I propose giant external "hack" when it comes to workflow :) with
> slight advantage you do not need to wait on me/anyone until any CM arrives
> (if ever!) to cingg!
>> However, I am not intent on exploiting my monitor in HDR; in
>> calibration I even decreased the brightness from the default 120 Cd/m2
>> to 100 Cd/m2. So I have more realistic colors.
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