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Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 00:34:16 CET 2023

Rob/Stefan, about:

> one of those things that I vaguely remember years ago, that seems to have
> fallen by the wayside. I know the compositor updates as a rendering
> operation is done, but didn't the timeline and the compositor progress line
> also update during renders at one time?
> I'm pretty sure they did, even if it was a different fork.
> Are you sure?  I have not been able to either confirm or deny that it ever
did in any fork.  I still have HV version 4.6.1 running on my laptop and
there is no timeline update while rendering or change in the position of
the red indicator line (cursor?) in the Compositor -- only the percentage
progress bar in the lower right hand corner changes.  CinGG was initially
based completely on original HV and later on CV mods were merged in.

Unfortunately, I am unable to compile and run any CV version.  However I
have looked at the following to determine if this feature might have
existed at one time:
1) went back to CinGG to its early date of May 9, 2016 -- feature did not
exist when I executed a render
2) looked at release notes in CinGG from today back to June, 2016 -- no
indications that this feature was removed (so did not exist here)
3) reviewed list of changes incorporated when the CV mods were merged into
CinGG and no mention of this feature

would really love to see progress line update, and intelligent timeline
> sideways scroll during renders.

Not everyone would want this feature (but could be an option in the Render
menu so I will add a BT feature request) and here is why:
1) "last play position" is an important feature that needs to be retained
in case your render goes bad then it is easy to see where you last edited
so you can fix it
2) if you decide later to do a batch render (because rendering is slow), it
is a feature to "render from the current cursor position" so you may not
want this to change
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