[Cin] timeline during render

Rob Prowel rprowel at comcast.net
Sun Mar 12 02:42:46 CET 2023

On 3/7/23 18:34, Phyllis Smith via Cin wrote:

> Not everyone would want this feature (but could be an option in the Render
> menu so I will add a BT feature request) and here is why:
> 1) "last play position" is an important feature that needs to be retained
> in case your render goes bad then it is easy to see where you last edited
> so you can fix it
> 2) if you decide later to do a batch render (because rendering is slow), it
> is a feature to "render from the current cursor position" so you may not
> want this to change

Agreed.  Not everyone will want it, and I'd expect it to rob CPU cycles, 
thus maybe a bit of optimization, such as making sure the GUI paint 
isn't done unless the needle actually moves.

My memory of timeline update goes back to the original HV days, pre CV 
and pre GG.

Also, at one time there was an optimization that simple cut and paste 
rendering used the previous rendered frames instead of re-processing 
thru the codec (if there were no frame changes).  I remember doing this 
with MJPEG frames: very fast!  timeline?  Maybe 2005? 2007?

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