[Cin] Cinellera360: the ultimate free VR editor

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Mon Mar 27 09:36:19 CEST 2023

Stefan de Konink via Cin wrote:
> Now what Cinelerra bring you from this point. Keyframing a property of 
> the plugin, and there it becomes interesting.
> Plugin keyframes seem to give the control what we are looking for 
> here. I can set the yaw using "Generate keyframes while tweeking", but 
> what I would be actually looking for is the same set of curves that 
> would be available when changing x,y,z,opacity etc. How would I get 
> interpolation working? 
Autos' keyframe can use Linear or Bezier mode; plugin's keyframe only 
Linear mode.
Usually the interpolation feature works for all values of the Plugins.

Stefan de Konink via Cin wrote:
> Could anyone elaborate how Cinelerra knows it can interpolate some of 
> the parameters, but not others? 
Could you explain better what you mean?
With "Generate keyframes while tweeking (j)" enabled, when you change a 
value of the Plugin (Effect) a keyframe is created on the Timeline. If 
you move the Insertion Point in the Timeline and change a value (or more 
values)  of the Plugin, an other keyframe is added. Each time a keyframe 
is created the Plugin save ALL its values.

Note: I never used F_v360 plugin.


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