[Cin] Update on GIT changes

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sun May 28 09:24:11 CEST 2023

вс, 28 мая 2023 г., 10:19 Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>:

> > Andrea, can you point gdb at cin executable, run it inside gdb and post
> backtrace? ( I am not very good at reading dmp files :/)
> I'm sorry but I don't understand how to do it with gdb. Years ago I
> tried following GG's instructions. Now I have done the copy/paste of
> the instructions again but, when launching CinGG inside gdb I get:
> (gdb) run /tmp/cinelerra-5.1/bin/./cin
> Starting program:  /tmp/cinelerra-5.1/bin/./cin
> No executable file specified.
> Use the "file" or "exec-file" command.
> (gdb)
> I have no idea what to do (also because I don't know what I did...).
> Try to give me a list of instructions on how to do it.

I just use 'gdb cin' and then 'run' from inside gdb.. It might stop at some
gui interaction, then I go to terminal with gdb and print 'c' continue
there ...

> PS: the GG's istruction are these:
> Are you able to build from source with full debugging symbols?
> >
> Yes, the easy way to get a full static (non-debug) build is to:
> # git clone ...
> # cp -a /path/cinelerra-5.1 /tmp/
> # cd /tmp/cinelerra-5.1
> # ./bld.sh
> Then, to run as a developer in the debugger:
> # CFLAGS=-ggdb make -j16 rebuild_all
> # cd /tmp/cinelerra-5.1/bin
> # gdb
> (gdb) handle SIG32 pass nostop noprint
> (gdb) set pa off
> (gdb) run /tmp/cinelerra-5.1/bin/./cin
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