[Cin] DV to DVD rendering - questions and issues

Terje J. Hanssen terjejhanssen at gmail.com
Tue May 30 03:34:20 CEST 2023

Den 29.05.2023 22:47, skrev Phyllis Smith:
> More feedback to add to Andrew's reply.
>> Using Deinterlace creates a dvd.mpg file only marginally larger than 
>> without deinterlacing.
>> But the result is visually better than without deinterlacing, which 
>> is awful jagged at camera movements zoom/pan, at least on my 
>> 2560x1440 res monitor using VLC.
> I do not understand the above sentence.  Which result is better? with 
> deinterlacing or without deinterlacing? So Progressive is better? 
> which makes more sense to me in this day and age.  As far as I read on 
> the internet, DVDs can be either Progressive or Interlaced.

Leaving it dvd rendering interlaced is worst jagged; selecting 
deinterlaced is better both with default mpeg2enc ("TFF, interlaced") 
and optional FFMpeg (progressive). Some of the jagged edges and lines is 
expected to be caused by the scaled up low vertical SD wide resolution.
I didn't notice visible +/- chroma difference by selecting "use yuv420p 
dvd deinterlace format"

I will try to compare with DeVeDe's deinterlace YADIF filter and two 
pass rendering.
(DeVeDe's second FFMPEG deinterlace filter exited the dvd rendering.)

I also do a test with
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