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сб, 27 мая 2023 г., 23:03 Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>:

> > so, *may be* you can add colorspace plugins for equating different media
> files manually, and then use external tools (olive-editor?) for
> viewing/embedding profiles ....
> I once asked if it was possible to put the built-in ColorSpace plugin
> inside Transcode. That way you could do all the conversions at the
> beginning, in the Resource window instead of on the timeline for each
> edit. But it was not possible.

I think if you can add cingg's native plugins from dvd creation wizard one
can try and apply same trick in transcode wizard window ...

Additionally, this article discuss wide gamut monitor problem:


*Author: Adam Simmons*
Last updated: May 8th 2023

=== quote ===

Some monitors provide an *sRGB emulation mode*, which clamps the colour
gamut universally (regardless of being ‘colour-aware’ or not) so it more
closely tracks sRGB*. Ideally with little extension beyond and as little
under-coverage as possible. Such a setting is fairly widespread but not
always found on wide gamut displays and is the only sRGB gamut clamp option
for devices such as the Xbox Series X, PS5 and other games consoles. Even
if such a setting is present, it’s unfortunately *fairly common for sRGB
emulation modes to lock off brightness*, which means the setting can be
inappropriate for many if it doesn’t fit their own sensitivities and
preferences. If not, *it’s extremely common for them to lock off access to
other settings such as colour controls and gamma settings*.

=== quote end, emphasis original ====

so, compicc or kde5's experimental ICC plugin should fight this at
windowing system level.

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