[Cin] Clipping to 1.0 investigation.

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 17:17:29 CET 2023

Thanks, the opengl patch doesn't work for me, so I made the code
changes manually. All OK.
By setting X11-OpenGL the fade works as in your video. With X11 or
X11-XV it does not work. There is no difference in fps with appimage
(without patches) during playback. Being only a few seconds at 10fps,
though, you may not be able to see the difference.
I would be inclined to say that with fairly modern hardware there is
no visible performance drop using 32fp.
In any case, it is best not to put these patches in git, since they
are highly experimental. Perhaps, when we get to a point, an
alternative appimage can be made so that everyone can test it.

I tried downloading HDR videos instead of just images, but they are
all mp4 at 4:2:0 and already clipped. Does anyone have (or can make in
Blender) a small HDR video to experiment on?

I cannot post the CinCV errors. I tried installing the package from
AUR and after an hour of compiling gcc9 (it is a dependency) so many
errors accumulated that the installation failed. However, I do not
intend to try again!

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