[Cin] Clipping to 1.0 investigation.

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 17:29:17 CET 2023

чт, 9 нояб. 2023 г., 19:17 Andrea paz <gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>:

> Thanks, the opengl patch doesn't work for me, so I made the code
> changes manually. All OK.
> By setting X11-OpenGL the fade works as in your video. With X11 or
> X11-XV it does not work. There is no difference in fps with appimage
> (without patches) during playback. Being only a few seconds at 10fps,
> though, you may not be able to see the difference.
> I would be inclined to say that with fairly modern hardware there is
> no visible performance drop using 32fp.
> In any case, it is best not to put these patches in git, since they
> are highly experimental. Perhaps, when we get to a point, an
> alternative appimage can be made so that everyone can test it.

yeahhhh ... while to be honest uinvited clipping might result in data loss
when user load overbrigh exr/tiff and then saves it .... but surely this
will change overlay modes because well, they will not clip anymore.

I tend to think original cinHV idea was NOT to clip in rgba-float if

> I tried downloading HDR videos instead of just images, but they are
> all mp4 at 4:2:0 and already clipped. Does anyone have (or can make in
> Blender) a small HDR video to experiment on?

well, I am not sure ffmpeg before 6.1 can communicate fp32 buffers in
format we can directly consume? I need to retry my old experiment with
adding another match between newly added float color format and and
bc_rgba_float .. but r/n I just rebuild kernel because modesetting driver
failed to work ( I posted my dri3 err to mesa bugzilla and Karol Herbst
asked if bug surface on modesetting DDX vs nouveau DDX. Turned out
modesetting does not work at all for me - it loads but no image!

> I cannot post the CinCV errors. I tried installing the package from
> AUR and after an hour of compiling gcc9 (it is a dependency) so many
> errors accumulated that the installation failed. However, I do not
> intend to try again!

ahh .... for me


works for this testcase on gcc 11.2, modulo rgba-float mode being
busted/black (rgb float works).

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