[Cin] Two patches from Andrea's testing

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 01:14:33 CET 2023

> Also, looking at our commit messages  - can they be a bit more verbose
> sometimes? Because you know, even author tend to forget how exactly it was
> working/changed .....
> Good suggestion that I will try to implement from now on (usually I forget
too!).  It would be easier if I turned on the desktop more often and
actually checked the changes in 1 at a time, BUT now I am very hesitant to
check each change in individually because it seems like extra work for
Andrey's build farm since he rebuilds on every GIT checkin.  Especially if
the checkin only changes build parameters and no actual code which would
end up creating the exact same package as prior to the latest checkin.
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