[Cin] Lock an asset within the EDL

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 12:52:10 CEST 2023

ср, 4 окт. 2023 г., 13:24 Stefan de Konink <stefan at konink.de>:

> On Wednesday, October 4, 2023 12:19:07 PM CEST, Andrew Randrianasulu wrote:
> > I sadly have no simple idea how to implement immovable group
> > .... because everything else on timeline must respect this.
> There are other things like labels which also have rather "unpredictable"
> behavior. It is not that it is not predictable, it is just not intuitive.
> And my guess is, that is all is caused by how Cinelerra handles this
> global
> timeline. When I paste something as b-roll, I don't want my labels, to
> move. But once I change my master-track it should follow that specific
> asset (and not just the time).

well, at least on 1v/2a timeline when I was testing for group move hang
labels set inside highlighted region were following edits if corresponding
"labels follows edits" toggle was set, AND I moved things in d&drop mode by
mouse ....

> --
> Stefan
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