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> Op 10/4/23 om 19:36 schreef Phyllis Smith:
> > I totally "get it" -- basically you want it to work like you expect it
> > to work.  Unfortunately, so did the original author! as does everyone
> > else!
> I wanted to ignore this email because I would agree, that if it would
> work for the original author, then it fits his or her needs. Today I am
> editing again and from usability perspective try this one;
> You have 4 tracks, VAAA.

I guess you mean 1 video + stereo track belonging to it + separate mono
track? Or just real 2.1 audio?

Add some media so you are sure you can see what
> happens. In front of it you create 30s of silence.
> Go to a new asset. View it. Set in-out points, and copy (not to clip).
> Now go to the front of the timeline and paste.
> Notice that VAA is moving, but the last audio track does not, hence VAAA
> directly becomes out of sync. This also happens when you would drag and
> 'snap' a clip to the beginning of the time line. But it does not when
> you drag a clip in between on silence space.
> To me the above behavior shows:
>   1. I am either unaware of the option not to have the assets on the
> timeline move (see subject on the email)
>   2. Or we must agree that this moving behavior for a NON-linear editor
> is far from be desired. I would even say, like the labels locking
> moving, we must have an option that would always just overwrites.
> It is open source, everyone can fix it, bla bla. Without a "developer
> manual" every capable C/C++ developer would first have to dig in very
> deep in order to comprehend how the UX actually works, let alone how to
> change it.
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> Stefan
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