[Cin] SVG plugin vs Filter in file selection

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Sun Oct 8 22:03:54 CEST 2023

Op 10/8/23 om 21:11 schreef Phyllis Smith:
> As far as I know, all CinGG plugins
>     initially sticks at the last set *.svg, which should then be manually
>     changed in the desired selection.
>     Is this something that the plugin itself should unset?
> Assuming I understand the question, "no".  All of the plugins are 
> supposed to record any of the "set" parameters that are changed and 
> these are saved in your $HOME/.bcast5/plugin_name.xml file.  In your 
> case, that would be svg.xml.  The purpose being that when you change a 
> parameter, you like that setting and will very likely want that again -- 
> even in the case of a filename since you may start a new project with 
> somewhat similar titles.

The problem is that opening a new project (or importing a new assets) 
does not have *.svg in that file filter menu, and it is unlikely that at 
that stage you want to use that previous selection.

Obviously it would be "the best" if the filter (and previous location) 
was stored per caller, and not globally.


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