[Cin] Sound synchronization

Guillermo Martínez Jiménez gmjimen at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 20:36:15 CEST 2023

I'm not completely new to Cinelerra but I don't use it very often.
Recently I
installed version 8 and I'm having issues with sound synchronization.

If I reproduce the clip video on VLC, the sound is in sync but Cinelerra
isn't able
to sync it.  I tried changing the audio offset in Preferences but it
doesn't work.
I've found that the first second or so the video is accelerated, it doesn't
where I start the reproduction.  I'm using a clapperboard so I know when
the sound
should be in sync.

The video file information is:
File format:  Quicktime for Linux
Bytes: 20,060,842
Bitrate (bits/sec): 2,711,599
Compression:  MPEG4
Cannels 1
Speed: 48000
Bits: 16 Bit Linear
Compression: H.264
Frames/sec: 29.64

My computer is a bit old:
Cores: 2 (4 logic ones)
OS: Debian 12
No SSD, but it is new (1TiB).
Cinelerra version: 8 (Installed few hours ago).

Thanks for your time,
Guillermo Martínez J.
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